AC Service And Repair

Air Conditioning Service And Repair

Considering a simple inspection and performance test, may save in time and money. Here are some basic checks that you can perform to determine if it's time for Air Conditioning Service with RC Truck & Auto.

Start the vehicle and turn the a/c on with the air on high. Is that air cold, cool or warm?

Cold air means system if functioning, but may need servicing for even colder air.

Cool air indicates that the system needs service, and may have a significant freon leak or weak system. Warm air suggest that your air conditioning system has malfunctioned.

With the air still on high, cycle the a/c button or switch on the the air conditioning control panel. Do you hear the compressor switch on and off? This will sound like a loud tick one time under the hood. Thus the same sound should be heard every time you cycle the ac. If the compressor is cycling on and off, but the cab is not cooling, then you may be low on freon. The system may have air or moisture, due to a large freon leak. The system may be inefficient or cold air is not being diverted, this is due to a malfunction in the air ducting via electrical, engine vacuum or control panel failure.


A complete inspection of your cooling system will also play a factor in ac efficiency.

Another way to check for a/c efficiency would be to inspect the accumulator with the air conditioning on and running. This component is a cylinder under the hood and may have a sticker on it from the factory. The receiver drier aka “accumulator” will be cold and may have condensation on it, when the air conditioning system is working properly.

Or, do things the easy way, allow RC Truck & Auto to have a look at your Air Conditioning system for better peace of mind and oh yes, COLD frigid air again!

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